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Wanda Ramos | Photographer
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Wanda Ramos is the owner of and professional photographer with Click, Crop & Create. Whether photographing people, products or places, Wanda Ramos captures the emotion and fluidity of her subjects. A digital photography and Adobe Photoshop expert, Wanda creates innovative and high quality images that illustrate her clients' needs.

Wanda started a passion for photography at an early age while taking a photography class in Junior High. Capturing and developing pictures of natures’ beauty began a love for photography.

Wanda Ramos“To see what was being developed in front of my eyes was amazing. Even more amazing is that they were my very own captured images. Although I still love taking time to smell the flowers and capture natures’ beauty, my passion is taking pictures of people. The unexpected moments are the most treasured. No props, no backdrops . . . Simply free to capture the moment without it being forced or rehearsed. That's what I love!”

After raising a family and working in NYC, Wanda has branched out to offer her services in professional photography and creative vision. Click, Crop & Create offers an extensive number of services to capture the imagery Wanda’s clients’ desire. And, when desired, carries out that imagery in one of several unique and custom products. Visit the Services and Products tabs to learn more.

Wanda has worked on projects such as Vidal Sassoon Memorial Tribute, Emiliani Enterprises Runway V, NY Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Make a Wish Foundation and Kick Cancer Overboard. She is also an active member of the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce, Freehold Network for Success and the Hispanic Affairs and Recourse Center.

Wanda's images have been published in the Asbury Park Press, Bella NY Magazine, Emiliani's Press and her Super Storm Sandy images were used for documentaries all over New Jersey's Shore. Her portfolio includes, but is not limited to The Salon Guy, Amanda Greer, Elan Sassoon, Tim Hartley, Fernando Romero, David Goldman, Ted Gibson, Alex McCord, Drew Barrymore, Elisa Jimenez, Engie Hassan, Sharie Manon, Ana Segura, Farouk Shami, Timo Weiland and many others.

Wanda was given high marks for her timeless black & white images for both the Vidal Sassoon Memorial Tribute and her first fall/winter 2013 season at NY Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week by The Salon Guy, Stephen Marinaro.

Wanda resides in Matawan, New Jersey, a suburb of Monmouth County, with her husband and son.


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